Under Pressure x White Wedding Part 1
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We out here tryna Function gypsyraja vanessahudgens


But first…Let me take a selfie lol #bindipower @child_of_wild

Under Pressure x White Wedding Part 1

Why do people on shows that I like never ending up together?

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Anonymous asked: last photoset with lyrics fits them perfectly

to think about it yeah it does

when emma danced sean told everyone to shut up

sean went to emma when he knew craig was in trouble

the first person emma went to about her dad was sean

when emma wasn’t sure about the wedding she went to sean

the shooting sean saved her

when sean almost died in the water emma woke him up

and the whole jail thing she helped him.

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You see colors no one else can see You understand me like nobody can When this whole world gets too crazy And there's nowhere left to go Can you see me, here I am Standing here where I've always been And when words are not enough I climb inside your heart I'd still find You're my safest place to hide

Anonymous asked: "im kinda over the oh whos a really bad friend to each other card" what do you mean about that?

Like everytime Ashley or Vanessa have something do with their job and one doesn’t show up there a bad friend. to be honest, they don’t have make everything public about their friendship. we honestly know shit about what kinda friendship they have . they could texting  everyday and we don’t know it. we only know what we see. they've been best friends since before hsm so i think they know what they are doing.

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Shlomho vibes @vanessahudgens 👯🌸💓🌴#coachella